Kohls to Add More Than 69,000 Seasonal Hires This Year

kohlsLabor day has come and gone and Halloween is just around the corner..so you know what that means!
On Monday, Kohl’s Corp announced that they plan to hire roughly 70,000 additional workers to manage the holiday rush. These are seasonable jobs, of course, but it is the same number of positions they filled last year, across 1,100 department stores, distribution centers, and e-commerce fulfillment centers nationwide.

“The holidays are an exciting time to join the Kohl’s team. Whether you’re looking to start a career in retail or make extra money for the holidays, Kohl’s is a great place to work with a culture of appreciation and opportunity,” explains Kohl’s executive vice president of human resources, Ryan Festerling.

This year, Kohl’s is stressing what they call “ominchannel” shopping. This philosophy allows for consumers to buy merchandise through whichever channel suits them best. This could be: in stores or at Kohls.com or both (buying something online—or via mobile device—and picking the item up at the story).

Hiring actually began in August and the company says that most of these jobs should be filled by mid-November. Of course, how many positions filled at each location will depend on the needs of each facility, accordingly.
New hires—in store—will stock merchandise, assist customers on the sales floor and check out customer purchases at the point of sale terminals. They may also fill online orders, store pick up orders from Kohls.com, and fulfill Kohls.com orders designated for shipping from sales floors directly to customers.

Kohl’s also makes sure to remind that they are committed to inspiring and empowering families to lead more fulfilling lives. The company says their goal is to offer unprecedented national brands in conjunction with exclusive Kohl’s brands at an incredible savings to consumers in order to inspire better shopping experiences regardless of which channel you opt to use.

Of course, Kohl’s joins many companies preparing for the holiday rush with seasonal hires. In addition to Kohl’s 69,000 seasonal hires, UPS also plans to bring on approximately 95,000 seasonal hires to cover all the additional shipments and mail that will be sent between now and the new year. Even struggling Toys R Us expects to add more workers. While they have not given an overall figure, the company expects to add nearly 11,000 workers across its five biggest markets.

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