Is the World Ready for Sexual Data Tracking Condoms?

Just when you might have started to think that technology could not possibly get more invasive, a British company, known as British Condoms, has developed a revolutionary sex aid called the i.Con. Yes, this is a “smart condom.” It is designed to protect you (and your partner, of course) from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and provide birth control, but there is so much more to it. This not just a flimsy piece of lambskin: it is actually wearable technology that can measure and record different variables during intercourse.

What kind of variables?

Well, as you might be guessing, this smart condom—technically its more of a “ring” that you place at the base of a condom—that is lightweight and waterproof and reusable and it measures things like calories burned, average [thrusting] velocity, and total number of thrusts as well as total duration of the intercourse session, and even girth. Just an fyi: the average calories burned per intercourse session, according to a study from the University of Montreal, is 100.

As with all other tech these days, or so it seems, you can also pair this device with the i.Con app, via Bluetooth connection, and download all the data from the chip on the device, for each session. Once you download the data i.Con will automatically delete the old information so there is space available on the device for the next session.

The device is not quite available to the public but the company has been taking “early bird” registrations for the first order, with a release pending some time later this year. These early bird registrations cost about $75 (pay not required until the product is ready), but it comes with a one-year warranty as well as a micro-USB charging port, which charges to full 8-hour capacity after only a single hour of charging.

The company swears that “all data will be kept anonymous, but users will have to share their recent data with friends, or indeed the world,” though whether this type of data is pertinent remains to be seen. Of course, we have yet to really know if the world is actually ready for such a device.

I guess it doesn’t matter how ready we are; the i.Con is coming whether we are ready or not.