Trailhead Tracking App For Employees Introduced By Salesforce

Updates have been made to Trailhead by Salesforce and this includes adding a reporting feature which gives organizations the ability of tracking the progress of their employees on the online learning platform. Named Trailhead Tracker, the new feature came about after the need for such a tool in the Salesforce community became apparent.

With the new feature connecting directly to Salesforce, managers are not only able to track the progress of employees but also assign what are known as ‘trails’ to the various employees. Once trails have been assigned to employees, a Salesforce administrator is then in a position to allow the employees to see the progress of their colleagues with a view to hopefully setting off friendly competition.

“[The new app] helps companies put a focus on learning from day one, from onboarding to ongoing learning,” said Sarah Franklin, Salesforce’s General Manager for Trailhead.

Lifelong-learning culture

Franklin also added that the new app assists in contributing to a lifelong-earning culture in organizations. This can in turn help those organizations enjoy high retention rates since employees appreciate knowing their employer is investing in them. It also gives such employers an advantage over other firms that are competing for the same talent.

The app also seeks to make lifelong-learning fun and thus ensuring that there is a low dropout rate. The badges and milestones also encourage the learners to continually aim for more as they have a motivating effect.

Launched towards the end of 2014, over 300,000 Trailhead users have earned a combined total of approximately 2.5 million badges. Such badges act like certificates representing skills that have been learnt in fields such as artificial intelligence, mobile app development, digital marketing and so on.

Salesforce Certifications

According to a survey conducted by Burning Glass, a firm which researches and analyses the job market, there are over 300,000 job postings which require Salesforce certifications or skills. Trailhead has made it possible for anyone to gain such skills from just about any place on earth at no cost.

Another feature which has been introduced for Trailhead is Favorites which allows the tagging of content that learners would like to revisit in future for reference. With Favorites, learners are able to tag modules they would like to study in order to expand their skillsets. In so doing such ‘favorited’ content will reside in their profile and they will be given reminders every now and then on what they need to focus their learning on.