President Donald Trump Takes His Peace Mission To Israel

U.S President Donald Trump arrived in Israel today where was welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israel was Trump’s next destination for his peace mission.

Trump landed in Tel Aviv earlier today where he was received a warm welcome from Netanyahu. The U.S president is currently on a peace mission and his trip to Israel is mainly to push for peace between Israel and Palestine. He even described the discussions between him and the leaders of the two countries as “the ultimate deal.” Israeli leaders were clearly happy that the U.S president had visited their county within the first few months of taking up office.

“Your visit here, Mr. President, is truly historic. Never before has the first foreign trip of a president of the United States included a visit to Israel,” Netanyahu said in his welcome speech for Trump.

Israel was Trump’s next destination after leaving Saudi Arabia

Prior to his trip to Israel, Trump visited Saudi Arabia on Sunday where he met up with Muslim leaders. He also made quite a speech in which he called upon Muslim countries to condemn terrorism and radicalization. He received a lot of praise as well as criticism for his speech in the Arab country.

Trump will be in Israel for 2 days and during that time he will meet up with Palestinian and Israeli leaders as part of his peace mission. He also stated that it would be in his interest to leave the two countries consulting each other before making the final decision. The U.S president also stated that he was hopeful about his country and Israel working together towards achieving peace, prosperity and harmony.

Trump stated that he was pleased to be visiting Israel especially because it is considered one of the sacred lands. He also pointed out that his visit is a great opportunity for weaving a strong and peaceful bond in the region as part of the fight against terrorism. Trump plans to visit the Western wall, a holy site to the Jewish community. He will also visit Yad Vashem, the holocaust memorial. The presidential trip is considered a great opportunity for Trump to show his dedication to the international community

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