Microsoft Ups The Stakes In The Cloud Computing Wars

Microsoft is expected to use its Ignite event to be held in Orlando, Florida to unveil new technology for use in cloud computing that will assist the software giant in its battle for market share with Amazon Web Services. Among the products that are expected to be launched or relaunched include database software SQL Server 2017, a migration tool for the Oracle database and a hybrid cloud system based on Azure Stack.

While SQL Server has been one of the traditional cash cows for the Redmond, Washington-based software giant, its popularity has been waning in recent years due to the fact that developers have been increasingly choosing the Linux operating system. SQL Server was initially designed to work on Windows. Last year, however, Microsoft revealed that the database software would become available for Linux. The largest software maker in the world also made SQL Server compatible with Docker.

New developers

By making SQL Server available for Linux Microsoft is hoping to prevent existing customers from shifting their loyalties. Microsoft is also hoping to attract new developers especially the ones whose reason for keeping off was because the database software did not offer support for Linux.

“The bottom line is that SQL Server 2017 delivers industry-leading mission critical performance and security with everything built in, including AI, now on the platform of your choice,” said Scott Guthrie, the executive vice president of cloud and services at Microsoft.

Earlier in the year Microsoft had also announced that it would be making available a database migration tool which would enable existing SQL databases such as Oracle’s to be moved to Azure cloud. This seems to have been borrowed from a similar tool that was developed by Amazon and which led to numerous new customers being recruited.

Azure Stack

Another product that Microsoft is expected to unveil is Azure Stack and it is now expected to be ready to ship from partners of the software giant such as HP Enterprise, Lenovo and Dell EMC. While Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing service, Azure Stack is a system which customers can plug into their data center and it will work just like the online-based Azure. It is thus aimed at business organizations which are either unable or unwilling to transfer their infrastructure into a public cloud platform such as Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services. Some of the reasons for this could be high regulatory oversight such as firms in fields like medicine.