Amazon Eyeing Physical Stores In France

According to Le Monde, a French publication, Amazon is looking for 15 locations in France with a view to setting up stores in the coming two years. Amazon is said to be especially interested in store locations in the French capital, Paris. Additionally the online retail giant has been in talks with distributors in France in order to make an acquisition or forge partnerships in the country.

Le Monde further said that Amazon’s objective is to develop a close relationship with a retailer in order to exploit that retailer’s buying capacity, something the Seattle, Washington-based e-commerce giant lacks at the moment. Two independent food distributors have already been in talks with Amazon though the U.S. retailer has yet to get positive feedback.

“They have approached everyone but have not received any positive feedback,” a distributor told Le Monde.

Amazon Go

One of the firms that has been approached in Monoprix, a major retail chain in France owned by Groupe Casino. According to Le Monde, Groupe Casino has indicated that it has no plans of selling its retail chain.

Speculation is high that Amazon intends to use the store to launch its Amazon Go brand in the European country. The Amazon Go concept is currently being tested at the retailer’s Seattle headquarters.

Besides France Amazon is also said to be eyeing opportunities in the United Kingdom. Earlier in the year British newspaper Sunday Times ran a report which indicated that the online retailer was scouting for store locations in the country’s capital in order to unveil its Amazon Go outlets.

No queues

In Amazon Go outlets shoppers are able to buy goods without having to queue to pay as this is done automatically once the shopper picks the items off the shelves and places them in their basket. The size of the Amazon Go outlet that is currently being tested is smaller compared to regular supermarket stores.

Earlier this year Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market at a price of $13.7 billion in a move that signaled that the online retail giant’s next phase of growth could come from dramatically changing offline retail. At the beginning of this month there had been market speculation which indicated that Amazon was interested in acquiring Carrefour, a supermarket operator based in France. Carrefour decline to comment on the rumors. Most of Amazon’s revenues are generated in the United States but the online retailer has over 30 fulfilment centers in Europe.