Nokia And Amazon Web Services Announce Strategic Collaboration

Amazon Web Services and Nokia have announced that they will partner in trying to increase coverage with regards to the cloud, Internet of Things and 5G. The partnership will take advantage of the work Nokia has done in 5G, wired and wireless technologies while Amazon Web Services will provide the expertise it has in cloud computing.

Under the partnership deal four specific areas will be focused on and this includes Nokia assisting customers of its Nuage Network SD-WAN service to integrate into Amazon Web Services. In this hybrid environment customers will be able to make use of a user interface that is integrated with a view to managing connectivity. The Nuage Network SD-WAN service became a part of Nokia after the Finnish telecommunications giant purchased French firm Alcatel-Lucent.

Cloud strategies

Nokia and Amazon Web Services also intend to generate cloud strategies for EDGE and 5G strategies. This will involve offering guidance to customers by providing reference designs which have been developed by the two tech firms.

In the Internet of Things space, the IMPACT and multi-acces computing platform of Nokia will be combined with Greengrass software and the machine leaning efforts of Amazon Web Services. The Greengrass software was launched by Amazon Web Services in June and is aimed at helping the processing of data by EDGE devices with a view to helping them connect to AWS cloud. Greengrass supports Lambda which has been instrumental in the growth of serverless computing.

New frontiers

According to Nokia, one of Greengrass program’s initial members, the partnership would assist it in targeting new segments of the market.

“Our collaboration with AWS will accelerate the migration of service provider applications to the cloud and enable us to forge new opportunities together by delivering on next-generation connectivity and cloud services,” Kathrin Buvac, the Chief Strategy Officer of Nokia, said in a statement.

The announcement of the collaborative effort between the two companies comes in the wake of the unveiling the Nokia 7. This is a midrange smartphone priced at $400 that runs on the Android operating system. The Nokia 7 boasts of a 3,000mAh battery and will offer expanded microSD storage. Two models of the Nokia 7 have been launched with one having a storage capacity of 64GB and the other 128GB. The Nokia 7 will be the second smartphone from the Finnish telecommunications giant to come with a ‘bothie’ camera – this is a camera mode which allows the capturing of photos from the rear and the front before they are combined into one image.