Google And Salesforce Form Partnership As They Seek Expansion

Google and Salesforce have formed an alliance which will see the two tech companies integrate their cloud-computing services and software solutions. Google Analytic services will for instance be integrated into the marketing software of Salesforce. According to the two firms rolling out of the integrated services will start next year in the first six months.

“This is a first of its kind partnership, that we view as the best of both worlds. It brings our companies together with one priority: to make our customers smarter and more productive,” Salesforce’s business development and strategic accounts executive vice president, Ryan Aytay, said.

Deeper consumer insight

The integration of the analytic services and marketing software will allow the customer data held by Salesforce to be accessed by marketers who will then be able to add value to it using the data crunching services of Google. Marketers will consequently get deeper insights into the patterns and behavior of consumers and this will resulted in sites and ads that are more personalized. Additionally marketers will be able to assist their clients in enhancing sales conversion and user engagement.

The alliance will also see Google’s G Suite, a suite of applications that are similar to Microsoft’s Office 365, paired up with the CRM platform of Salesforce. Clients of Salesforce who don’t already use the applications will consequently access G Suite for a period of 12 months at no cost.

Preferred cloud partner

Under the agreement Google Cloud will also become the preferred cloud partner of Salesforce which will mean that Salesforce can henceforth use the global data centers of Google for its overseas expansion. Salesforce has a similar arrangement with Amazon Web Services and this will add to the platforms that the cloud-based software maker has.

And since the data centers of Google are located all around the globe Salesforce will be in a better position to expand in overseas markets. The enhanced offerings, which includes G Suite and Google Analytics, will also make Salesforce more attractive to enterprise customers.

Alphabet on the other hand stands to benefit from a boosted market share especially in the wake of intense competition from Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, the two leading providers of cloud computing services. With regards to G Suite the integration with the customer relationship services of Salesforce will increase its rate of adoption and assist in competing with Microsoft Office 365, undoubtedly the biggest office software platform in the world today.

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