Amazon Alexa Is Dominating In The Smart Homes Space

A combination of Amazon Prime and Alexa is turning out to be the connected household’s leading ecosystem. So far Alexa has garnered more than 25,000 skills and this has resulted in usage increasing by five times in the last one year. Alexa is also continuing to attract the attention of hardware makers as well as developers who are building new Alexa devices and skills.

Of all the smart speakers that currently exist, Alexa possess the highest number of skills. This is because the ecosystem was opened to developers by Amazon earlier than in the case of rival smart speakers. Microsoft also seems to have given up on ever catching up with its Cortana personal assistant and is now allowing its voice assistant to be integrated with Alexa.

Cortana integration

The integration of Cortana with Alexa will further cement the lead Amazon’s voice assistant has taken and make it even more popular. One of the reasons for this is the fact that Cortana is more oriented for the workplace and this will fill a gap that has existed for Alexa as Amazon isn’t known for enterprise software the way Microsoft it.

As a result of the integration customers of Alexa will get access to the unique features of Cortana such as work calendars, email and reminders using their voice. Customers of Cortana will also be able to make requests to Alexa such as asking their smart home devices to perform particular tasks, interacting with the various available skills as well as shopping on Amazon.

Increased shopping activity

With more third-party integrations, functions and skills, the bigger the lead that Alexa as a smart speaker will open up. This is important for the retail giant because it will lead to an increase in Amazon’s sales both for its private-label brands but also for other products available on its retail website.

Amazon is also continuing innovation on the Alexa front and this is best illustrated by the introduction of Amazon Key. The new product is aimed at fighting package theft with regards to purchases that are left at the doorsteps of customers. Amazon Key uses the home security camera of Amazon, Cloud Cam to allow couriers to enter the home of customers and drop parcels. Customers can choose to view the delivery process taking place besides also using Cloud Cam for other purposes such as checking on kids. With more innovations and applications expected to be rolled out on the Alexa ecosystem, there is bound to be increased engagement.