Ericsson Picked By Verizon Communications As A 5G Partner

Verizon Communications has picked Ericsson to supply networking gear for the telecommunications giant’s commercial launch of 5G. The leading mobile carrier in the United States is expected to unveil pre-standard 5G in 2018’s second half. Verizon’s and Ericsson’s new technologies will assist in meeting the growing connectivity needs of consumers with regards to fixed wireless broadband or mobile broadband. The two firms will pool efforts with a view to ensuring a speedy commercialization of 5G.

“5G will change the way we work, interact, learn and play. Through our work with Ericsson, we are creating a clear road map and building a robust ecosystem that will enable us to maximize the potential of 5G,” Verizon’s Ed Chan said in a statement.

5G trials

In the course of the last one year Verizon Communications and Ericsson have been carrying out trials of fixed-wireless 5G using mmWave spectrum. The trials have so far been conducted in multiple places with varying housing densities and geographies. The trials have enabled a better understanding of 5G technologies as well as mmWave propagation that has been deployed in Verizon’s 5GTF.

With 5G being embraced as mobile technology’s next frontier, the standard has gained in momentum in the course of the last one year. Some of the advantages of the standard include lower latency, faster upload and download speeds, spectral efficiency and enhanced network reliability. All these advantages are capable of supporting the development of Internet of Things as the standard will greatly increase the quantity of devices which can simultaneously connect to a network.

5G Innovators Initiative

Research conducted by Ovum shows that 5G subscriptions across the globe are expected to hit a figure of 24 million in four years. About 40% of these subscriptions will be in the Asia-Pacific region while Europe will have a share of 10%.

Earlier in the year Ericsson and Intel inked an agreement which saw them unveil 5G Innovators Initiative, an open platform for the industry with a view to creating transformative experiences for customers. The 5G Innovators Initiative will be charged with the responsibility of facilitating the introduction of Internet of Things solutions for various sectors ranging from retailers and manufacturers to industrial and aircraft plants.

Currently however Ericsson is grappling with a low level of investments that are being made in mobile broadband as well as weak demand. This is as a result of reduced spending by telecom operators and delayed spectrum auctions.

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