Amazon To Purchase Maker Of Connected Home Security Cameras

Online retail giant Amazon has announced that it is acquiring Blink, a maker of internet-connected household doorbells security cameras based in Andover, Massachusetts. Neither Blink nor Amazon disclosed the financial terms of the deal. The doorbells and security cameras that Blink makes are compatible with Echo, the smart home line of Amazon.

“As one of their distributors, we already know customers love their home security cameras and monitoring systems. We’re excited to welcome their team and invent together on behalf of customers,” said Amazon.

Indoor security cameras

Recently Amazon unveiled its inhouse indoor security cameras which are compatible with Alexa, the intelligent personal assistant of the online retail giant. It is not clear whether Amazon intends to integrate Blink’s technology into its own security cameras or the products will continue being sold under the different brand names. Amazon also recently launched the Amazon Key service in some select cities in the United States. The service allows the unlocking of a door by a delivery person so that packages can be placed inside the house to avoid theft and the elements.

Three years ago over $1 million was raised by Blink on Kickstarter with a view to producing the easy-to-install security cameras that record a short video every time motion is detected before sending the clip to the mobile phone of the owner. Currently the home security cameras that Blink makes costs $99 making them more affordable compared to products from rivals. These security cameras use AA batteries which can run for a period of close to 24 months.

Google Nest

With the acquisition Amazon will be in a better position to compete with Google which launched the Nest security system some months ago. The acquisition of Blink by Amazon coincides with an announcement by Amazon that it is closing its music storage service. With the service customers were able to upload their songs to servers belong to Amazon.

However music that has been acquired from Amazon Music Unlimited or Amazon Music will not be affected as it is limited to music not purchased from the online retail giant. There was a free and a paid version of the service with the free version offering users the ability to store songs numbering up to 250 while with the paid option users could store songs numbering up to 250,000. The paid service will be shuttered in January 2019 while for the free version the ability to upload songs has already been disabled.