High-Speed Internet Rolled Out To Tennessee Communities By AT&T

Internet access in the state of Tennessee has been expanded by telecommunications giant AT&T with a view to providing better services to people living in both urban and rural areas. This is part of the FCC Connect America Fund initiative in which AT&T is seeking to fulfil its commitment.

AT&T’s deployment of high-speed internet services in locations that are rural and underserved has seen the total number of locations now getting the signal reach a figure of over 37,000. In the rural areas the AT&T’s Fixed Wireless Internet is being deployed. The service was unveiled in Tennessee last year in June and is able to offer internet connections where the minimum download speed is 10Mbps while the minimum upload speed is 1Mbps both to small businesses and homes.

Ultra-fast download speeds

Besides extending services to rural areas the fiber network offered by AT&T Fiber has been expanded to over 330,000 sites in Southeast Tennessee, Knoxville, Nashville and Memphis. On AT&T fiber network the speed of connections is nearing 1Gbps. Thus consumers can be able to download approximately 25 music tracks in a second or a HD movie running for 90 minutes in under half a minute.

“It is important for Tennesseans to enjoy the type of high-speed Internet access which improves the quality of life for our residents and makes our communities more attractive to potential employers,” said Bradley Jackson, president, Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Currently AT&T’s the fast internet service of AT&T is available in 67 metros across the United States and the telecommunications giant intends to extend the service to a minimum of 82 metros. So far there are 7 million locations that are receiving the 1 Gbps connection and by mid next year AT&T intends to have expanded that to 12.5 million locations.

FCC Connect America Fund

As part of AT&T’s commitment to FCC Connect America Fund the telecommunications giant started providing high-speed internet to more than 440,000 locations in 18 states in 2017 and this number is expected to rise to over one million locations across the U.S. before 2021. In the state of Tennessee the number of locations are expected to rise to over 81,000 in the next couple of years.

Other states which are getting high-speed internet meant for rural and underserved areas include Wisconsin, Alabama, , California, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, and Texas.