Orange Deploys Network Services Orchestrator Of Cisco

Telecommunications giant Orange is deploying the Network Services Orchestrator of Cisco with a view to improving the speed at which services are delivered across its footprint. According to Cisco, there are significant challenges that networks are going to be facing in the course of the coming five years as a result of a growth in the number of users, an increase in the consumption of Internet of Things and data as well as the rise of digitization among enterprises.

Cisco added that despite the growth, operators had failed to see a commensurate rise in average revenues per user. Orange’s decision to deploy Network Services Orchestrator was thus with the view of reducing capital expenditures as well as operating expenditures by automating and installing programmability on its network. This would result in new services being delivered across Internet of Things and enterprise 5G.

Infrastructure programmability

With Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator, Orange will be in a position to lay the foundation for automating operations and infrastructure programmability. Orange would also get to enjoy other benefits such as automating services, ensuring that network operations are simpler and cutting on service activation times.

“Cisco`s model-driven approach to network automation and service orchestration is enabling Orange to drastically speed delivery of services across our entire lifecycles. Global deployment of Cisco NSO also provides uniform configuration management tools and consumable network APIs,” the Wireline Infrastructure and Networks vice president at Orange, Christian Gacon, said.

By automating services Orange expects manual configuration need to fall by up to 90% across enterprise and mobile networks and this will consequently enable zero-touch provisioning. Additionally network automaton and software defined networking would place Orange in a position of being more innovative across the globe.

Container platform

The deployment of Network Services Orchestrator comes in the wake of Cisco launching a container platform which is integrated with the management products of the company. Known as Cisco Container Platform, the product is based on Kubernetes. Per Cisco, its container platform will allow the building of multi-cloud architectures by enterprises.

The CCP will also be extensible to open-deployment environments and it will be possible to use it with Contiv, a networking program use with open-source containers. It is possible to integrate Contiv with Cisco ACI – Application Centric Infrastructure. This will allow customers to build network policy definitions of ACI and deploy containers via Kubernetes. By automating tasks that are routine and repetitive, the CCP will raise operational efficiencies and speed delivery.