Deal To Acquire Mackevision By Accenture Concluded

Professional services firm Accenture has announced that its acquisition of Mackevision, a Germany-based producer of immersive and 3D-enabled product content. This acquisition is expected to enhance the visualization capabilities of the digital services portfolio of Accenture Interactive. The acquisition was initially announced earlier in the year. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The production, visualization and creation services of Mackevision are mainly used in virtual showrooms, online product configuration, print and digital catalogs, AR and VR experiences, feature films, broadcast video as well as point-of-sale kiosks. Mackevision leverages engineering data with a view to constructing complex physical products. The firm applies the latest techniques with regards to virtual reality, augmented reality, visual effects and computer-generated imaging to generate all types of visuals.

Global presence

Mackevision was started more than two decades ago and boasts of over 500 employees. While it is based Stuttgart, Mackevision has operations in other cities in Germany such as Hamburg and Munich. Mackevision also has operations in Japan, South Korea, China, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“We are highly impressed by the quality of the work, innovation, leadership, culture and, of course, talent of the Mackevision team, and we are excited for what our combined capabilities can mean for clients,” Accenture Interactive’s lead for global content practice, Jamie Posnanski, said.

In the growing augmented reality and virtual reality services market, Accenture Interactive has emerged as an early leader. The last couple of years have seen the Accenture unit deliver enterprise and consumer experiences for clients that include Jeep and BMW.

Extended reality

Recently the Accenture unit also unveiled a practice known as Accenture Extended Reality (XR). With the Mackevision acquisition Accenture Interactive will now be in a position to speed its ability to operate, envision and create extended reality solutions at scale. Per IDC, an industry analyst, the extended reality market will grow to reach a figure of approximately $162 billion in the next two years.

Accenture’s acquisition of Mackevision comes in the wake of a report by the professional services firm indicating that technology and modern life are inseparable and has become intrinsic in the lives of workers, citizens and consumers. Per the report a survey of executives showed that 81% of the believe that in the next two years humans will be working side-by-side with artificial intelligence solutions and products.

The Accenture report also indicated that with businesses increasing the number of partners they work with, the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology is set to increase.