Boston Scientific Announces Agreement To Acquire NxThera

Boston Scientific has announced entering an agreement that will see it acquire NxThera. NxThera is privately-owned company with its headquarters in Maple Grove, Minnesota. The company developed the Rezūm® system which it commercialized in Europe and the U.S. Rezūm® system is a minimum intensive therapy belonging to a growing category of treatment options available for men with symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

In the transaction, Boston Scientific will pay an upfront cash payment amounting to $306 million. It will add up $100 million in commercial milestone payments over a period of four years.  Currently Boston Scientific holds a minority investment in NxThera. This investment will lead to a net upfront payment of around $240 million after closing plus milestone payments amounting to up to $85 million.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia causes the enlargement of the prostate and affects around 110 million men globally. The condition may lead to symptoms which impair one’s life quality like pains plus urinating frequently. The possibility of developing BPH increases as one advances in age. Over 12 million men in the United States are being treated for this condition.

Treatment of BPH using the Rezūm system is carried out in a physician’s office and does not need anesthesia. It uses water vapor to get rid of the excess prostate tissue hence alleviating obstruction to flow. This greatly helps in reducing symptoms caused by BPH. According to a study which was published in the Journal of Urology showed that for the last three years, patients who have been treated using the Rezūm system recorded a positive clinical progression. They recorded five times in progression rate compared to patients who were on daily, long-term treatments.

Additional data obtained from a randomized controlled clinical trial showed that people treated with the Rezūm system had their symptoms reduce by 51 percent after 24 months of treatment. The patients reduced their BPH symptoms by 50 percent over a period of three years after treatment.

In a statement, Boston Scientific senior vice president and president, Urology and Pelvic HealthDave Pierce said the Rezūm system is very innovative treatment and is used on men who have symptomatic BPH. He added that the therapy offers patients with a less invasive treatment option and reduces cost that would come as a result of side effects which come with taking maintenance medications. He said that patients treated with the Rezūm system spend very little time in the doctor’s office compared to those treated with other minimally invasive BPH treatments.