Synopsys Acquires Silicon and Beyond Private Limited to Expand High-Speed SerDes IP Portfolio

Synopsys has announced acquiring Silicon and Beyond Private Limited, which specializes in the provision of high-speed SerDes technology that is used in many heavy data applications like networking, cloud computing and machine learning. This transaction shows the company’s strong focus on developing the next generation SerDes solutions solution which is used in addressing the increasing need for large volume and reliable data transfer backplanes, chips and extended range optical interconnects. This acquisition will also expand Synopsys’ team of R&D engineers and will add more high-speed SerDes expertise which will go a long way in assisting designers meet the ever changing design requirements.

Synopsys has not disclosed the full details of the transaction. While commenting on the deal, Solutions Group at Synopsys general manager Joachim Kunkel said Silicon together with Beyond’s high-speed SerDes technology allows designers to implement high-speed and reliable connectivity over long-reach channels in high-end computing applications. He added that the acquisition is in line with the company’s commitment to expand and spread its DesignWare IP portfolio so as to help designers in meeting the challenging requirements of power and bandwidth for advanced data-intensive SoCs.

In other news, Synopsys was named the best in the Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing”. This is the second time that the company has scooped the award. The Gartner report examined vendors of software using 15 criteria. The companies were recognized basing on the competiveness of their vision as well as their ability to execute.

In the report, Gartner said that modern web application design, DevSecOps and high-profile breaches are to a large extent affecting the application security testing market. The report further says that those involved in security and risk management need to work hard to meet tight and strict deadlines so as to test more complex applications adopting automating AST in the life cycle of software.

Synopsys Software Integrity Group general manager Andreas Kuehlmann said Gartner’s continued recognition of the company as one of the best application security testing is because of Synopsys ability to meet put up with the ever changing needs of the software sector. He said that his company has a large and comprehensive portfolio of integrated and automated solutions. Kuehlmann noted that the emergency and development of DevOps, the development and deployment is becoming a quick and iterative process. To be able to effective reduce the risks without affecting productivity and speed, organizations will have to incorporate security in their DevOps processes and tool chains.