More CBRS Partners Announced By Verizon Communications

Telecommunications firm Verizon Communications has formed partnerships with leading players aimed at driving advancements in CBRS – Citizen Band Radio Spectrum. Previously the federal government was the major user of this band and this was mostly in radar systems. Two years ago the U.S. Federal Communications Commission granted authority for the use of the band alongside wireless small cells.

Some of the new CBRS partners of Verizon include Nokia, Google and the SpiderCloud Wireless of Corning. Other partners that Verizon had previously announced include Federated Wireless, Qualcomm and Ericsson. One of Verizon’s testing sites is in Irving, Texas and the tests involve the use of mobile devices which have the Qualcomm modem that comes with CBRS support. In this particular case spectrum access system is being provided by Federated Wireless and Google.

LTE Advanced technology

With carrier aggregation and LTE Advanced technology it will be possible for Verizon to enhance the capacity of its network using this shared spectrum. Verizon’s customers will consequently get to enjoy faster throughput and higher peak speeds when accessing the wireless carrier’s network.

Testing of the end-to-end system started earlier in the year and is still in progress. Through the testing which is expected to take a couple more weeks, actionable insights have been gained while significantly advancing the deployment feasibility of CBRS spectrum.

CBRS ecosystem

The CBRS ecosystem involves many players and the testing is meant to ensure that various parts work well together for the benefit of the customer. LTE’s commercial deployment on CBRS spectrum as well as devices which are capable of accessing it is expected to start this year. By enabling wider spectrum swaths the CBRS band will impact the carrying of wireless data in a big way in the future.

Separately Envrmnt, a unit of Verizon that focuses of extended reality has developed a tool aimed at assisting non-technical and creative users to create powerful AR experiences. These augmented reality experiences are specifically for mobile devices and are expected to enhance the revenues of its users.

By using AR Designer it will be possible for publishers of applications and deploy various AR experiences quickly and easily and this is expected to enhance sales of Verizon. By having the Envrmnt SDK integrated into the mobile applications of customers various government agencies, schools and firms can make it easy and convenient for their clients to experience augmented reality in an environment that is familiar.