Paypal Holdings Will Soon Be Part Of Google’s G Pay Service

Paypal Holdings is working on simplifying digital transactions and payments. The online payment company has announced that it will be integrating its services into the Google ecosystem. In the new partnership, Google will make PayPal as the primary method of payment within its services and apps.

Google rebranding

At the start of this year, Google rebranded its payment services that fall under the Google Pay. The move was made so as to offer a seamless payment experience for its services. Users will now be able to use PayPal as part of Google’s G Pay service, making online transaction much faster and secure.

The two companies will implement the integration sometime this year and will allow users to make payment across Gmail, YouTube and Google Store plus peer-to-peer payments. This means that users will be able to use PayPal top pay for any service that is attached Google Pay.

At the moment, PayPal customers who use G Pay have to log out before they can log into their PayPal. This means that users can add their PayPal accounts to any of Google’s services and it will connect to other Google apps. This way, the user will not have to log in again.

Improving customer experience

In a blog post, Google explains that the integration will automatically enable linked PayPal accounts top make payments across all Google app. The company added that the move is among the many that is exploring so as to improve customer experience and make online transactions secure and faster.

This will not be the first time that the two companies are coming together in a partnership aimed at making payment seamless for customers. Since 2014 Google has been allowing Android users to pay for apps on Google Play using PayPal. The PayPal payment method has been integrated into Android Pay in the US for more than a year.

Although many people may be cautious about trusting Google with identifiable information, the integration of PayPal payment method is a welcome. In many cases digital payment methods have offered the easiest way to pay for things. Adding a little flexibility can even make a better experience.

Additionally, the integration will hugely benefit YouTube content publishers. Currently many depend on external crowdfunding services to get support and funding from their fans. Many of these fans prefer using PayPal to make donations. However, previously they had to leave the platform, log into their PayPal accounts, make their donations before returning to the platform.