Samsung Electronics To Pay $539 Million To Apple In Design Patent Infringement Retrial

In what is turning out to be a yet-to-end technology patent battle, Samsung Electronics has been ordered to pay $539 Million in damages to Apple after it was found guilty of infringing on the latter’s design patent. In its determination, a jury ordered Samsung to pay the amount as penalty for irregularly copying some features on iPhone so as to attract customers to but its products.

Long-standing lawsuit

The determination was made in a retrial a long-standing legal battle that involved Apple’s past phone generations. In addition to the $533.3 million award in damages, Samsung will also pay $5.3 million in additional concessions. The two companies have been engaged in the court battle for the last seven years having commenced in 2011. It had already been determined that Samsung had indeed infringed on Apple’s patents in an earlier ruling. However, the two companies have been battling over how much Apple should be paid in damages.

Apple has initially demanded to be paid close to $1 billion in damages. Several appeals, counter-lawsuits, retrials and arguments led to the reduction of the award.

In a statement following the ruling, Apple said its innovative are as a result of the company’s value for design and that they are always working to produce products that impress its customers. The company added that the case was more than just money.

Samsung initially paid $120 million in a separate case

In yet a different lawsuit settled in 2017, Samsung paid $120 million to Apple for use of slide-to-unlock on its phones. This case also took a long period to settle with many rounds of back-and-forth, retrials and appeals before it was finally settled. According to analysts, the latest case may not be the last one involving the two giant phone makers. This is because both companies are always trying to outdo each other in order to dominate to dominate the market and have incredible amount of money to launch and counter-launch court battles.

After the initial $1 billion demand by Apple, the matter moved to the US Supreme Court, which ruled that the previous ruling issued by the lower court had to be re-examined. The determination was made basing on that fact the amount to be paid by Samsung could not be established based on the amount of profits it had made from the infringed products.