Bob Honey, Expect the Unexpected

A Dystopian Picture: Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff . As an actor who has been featured on a hundred or more movies over the years, Sean Penn has recently taken a step away from his acting career to write his first book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. It is suggested that when reading this book, you read it slowly to help you understand the various descriptive words that are uncommon to most. The contents of this book are unpredictably mixed with rants, poetry and stories centered around a fictitious character. The original audio book was released in 2016 and was much shorter than the recently released hard copy. If you are interested in cult classics, you may find this to be a really good book. 

In the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Sean Penn tells the story of Bob Honey and his life as a septic-tank salesman and his role as a contract assassin for the United States government. While in the middle of his book tour, Sean Penn was interviewed about his change of career and new book release. In this interview he mentions that he finds satisfaction in being able to stand on something that is entirely his, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. He states that right now he is having a much better time writing than acting. Going forward in the future, he sees writing books as the dominant career in his life. 

The adventures of Bob Honey are told in a way that may seem to showcase the political views and other opinions of Sean Penn about real life issues. The epilogue addresses some social issues that may affect Penn on a personal level. There is a reference to the Yemen civil struggle, a Las Vegas mass shooting and more. As these events are mentioned, a sense of anger and criticism is expressed simultaneously. Humanitarianism characteristics and an unhappy political stance are present in both lives of Sean Penn and Bob Honey. These are only two of the similarities between Sean Penn and Bob Honey that are laced throughout the book, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. 

Throughout the book Sean Penn encourages the movement of social equality for all and boldly states that those not working towards inclusiveness are instead working on the side of divisiveness. Sean Penn does not believe his book to be one centered around opinions. Instead he informs us that it is the complete opposite. Frequently in the book, the character of Bob Honey is seen to coincide with political values that are of the left side. The left-sided views are expected to be driven by his frustration with the current social and political issues that are present in the world of Bob Honey. 

As a contract killer, Bob Honey must eliminate those of the elderly community who began to use resources more often than they should. Once deemed having reached the overuse point, the government marks them. This leads to their demise. This element of the story can be seen symbolically as a representation of big companies purposefully using natural resources in excess. 

Social issues are very present in this book. For those that enjoy the debate and discussion of such issues, this may be a very interesting book for you to read. On CBS, Sean Penn remarked that some people will love the book and others may hate it.