Chinese iTalkBB & Verizon Fios Strategic Partnership To Offer Bundled Internet Access, TV &TelephoneService

iTalkBB recently announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with the New York-based Verizon Fios. According to reports, the leading internet-based Chinese TV and provider of Telecom service in America will offer Chinese TV programs to the Verizon Fios audience that will also include internet and telephone access.

New Service To Allow Access To Premium Chinese TV Channels

This new arrangement allows the customer of the New York-based company to watch all the premium Chinese TV channels from anywhere in the United States using iTalkBB service. The partnership aims to attract the multicultural market of the country and also entice new users with this service. As a part of this agreement, iTalkBB will offer the internet customers of Fios the latest Chinese movies, TV series and different shows. It will support around 60 most-liked live channels from the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

iTalkBB, the topmost internet telecom company operating both in the overseas Chinese and Korean market worldwide has over 30 stores located in major countries including U.S., Singapore, Australia, Canada, and more. The service boasts of having more than 1.2 million iTalkBB global users with brand awareness of over 80% in Chinese communities.

iTalkBB To Offer More Flexibility To Customers

Verizon Fios already has a tie-up with premium content partners like Showtime, Starz, and HBO. Along with these channels iTalkBB will offer more flexibility to the customers of Fios as they will now have more options to choose from and can pick up a television experience that is tailored according to their interests. The customers interested in availing this service will have to purchase the Internet Service Package of Fios which will entitle them to enjoy the popular Chinese television service from iTalkBB for 12 months without any extra charge.

Empowered by internet-video service, the Fios Gigabit and iTalkBB Connection Speed combines high-speed internet and HD Asian programming and is a first-of-its-kind in the country. The service features include unlimited Chinese dramas, movies, and variety shows to provide an unparalleled experience to its audience. According to the Director of Marketing at Verizon Fios, Henry Ng, his company broadcasts international channels in more than 20 different languages, which includes Cantonese and Mandarin on its TV.

Ng further added,“Now through our partnership with iTalkBB we are providing more options for our customers through iTalkBB, so customers can enjoy more premium Chinese TV content whenever and wherever in the United States they want it.”