Highly Technical Medical Equipment – BiMedis

Whether you’re looking for a piece of equipment or planning to sell equipment, BiMedis is the place to go. And in this short post, we’ll give you a quick overview of the site and what tools are offered.

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What is BiMedis?

https://bimedis.com is a platform that’s used to trade new and refurbished medical equipment. And it gives users an online marketplace for hospital equipment training ads.

The platform was founded in 2013. BiMedis unites buyers and sellers internationally. The website gives offers for second-hand hospital tools and equipment as well as equipment for offices and homes.

The warranty service is actually discussed directly with the owners and developers of the site. And, the warranty service terms are discussed with the owners. Each of the features shows price products for their product’s themselves. Thus, making BiMedis a good ad placement platform that’s popular with a multitude of doctors.

The site has a quick and straightforward ad search system that helps users quickly gain access to the specified medical instrument. As a result, its been cheaper to buy used medical equipment. Ship results allow users to select the machine model, manufacturing date, category and manufacturer name. And, it allows you to select the price range, the country of origin of the supplier and helps you set the price range.

What Devices Do They Sell?

https://bimedis.comsells the following products:

  • Endoscopy System: This system is used to help doctors examine their patient’s digestive tracts. You can find this feature on the site for a price around $900-$34,000.
  • Anesthesia Machine: You use this machine for serious operations that require the patient to be unconscious.You can buy this on BiMedis at a price about $1,000 – $19,000.
  • Dental 3D Scanners:Dental 3D Scanners help you check the patient’s teeth faster than traditional products. With it, you can see what germs (plaque, gingivitis, etc.) are in there and how to remove them effectively. (Avg price: $4,000 – $18,500).
  • Ultrasound Machines: Ultrasound machines are safe tools that allow the doctor to evaluate the patient’s fetal development, it can also be used to detect problems in the heart, liver, abdomen or kidney. They can also be used to perform biopsies. (Avg price: $3,000 – $18,000).
  • CAD/CAM Systems:This tool is used to help doctors amputate or fix their injured patients. For instance, CAD models can be used to enhance the quality of implants to help with craniofacial surgical procedures. Doctors can scan their patient and use the 3D model made from the scan to decide how to reconstruct their lost body parts. (Avg Price: $15,000 – $75,000).

The main benefit of using BiMedis’ platform is convenience and product selection. All of the products are listed in a clear format and can be brought directly from the page. With over 358,190 listed offers, you’ll have enough options to choose from.


To conclude, https://bimedis.com is the go-to site for medical equipment. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large facility, the medical equipment the site offers will help your company get started.