Macy’s unveils Shop experience in 36 locations

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A year later buying startup Story, the retail concept is being brought by Macy’s .

Every two months the notion, which curates merchandise and continues, comes at a time when department stores such as Macy’s are trying to rethink how to excite shoppers that are increasingly going online.

Malls and many stores are currently experimenting with merchandise that will keep shoppers returning back.

Macy’s first Story, known as Color, opened Wednesday and will be anchored by three big manufacturers: MAC Cosmetics, crayon manufacturer Crayola and jeans giant Levi Strauss & Co.. But the shop, awash in bright colors, features items from roughly 70 companies like colorful dishes, novels, brightly colored T-shirts and candles and candies.

The Story store carries about 400 items using an average price of approximately $20. The majority of the items are impulse buys that shoppers do not need as a pizza cutter shaped like a bike or socks. The Manhattan Story is approximately 7,500 square feet, whereas the other stores average about 1,500 square feet.

However, Macy’s can be currently playing up the experience. Macy’s plans occasions such as beauty classes and workshops that educate customers how to design customized spots for their denim coats. At stations, shoppers may create their own makeup palettes at 30 Story theory shops.

Industry watchers are observing Macy’s venture . She can be working on additional projects which will bring more innovation into Macy’s and has nearly 300 employees currently devoted to the Story notion.

In an interview with The Associated Press Wednesday, Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette said he expects that the Story notion will get present customers to store more often, while also attracting younger customers. But Gennette said that having Shechtman, who joined Macy’s from new experience officer’s purpose, is currently assisting Macy’s think outside the box.

“This is not going to modify the trajectory of Macy’s, but it will alter how we’re perceived,” Gennette stated. “It is helping us rethink the way we could go much faster and more in the speed of the customer.”

He said he thinks it could be as powerful as Shechtman’s shop, although gennette diminished to estimate earnings for Story concept.


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