Gas pipeline seeks route in Baltic sea

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Since they attempt to overcome objections from the nation the programmers of a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany applied to get a third route south of Bornholm.

The Danish Energy Agency says Nord Stream 2 has applied for an alternate course in the seas north of Bornholm in Denmark’s exclusive economic zone. It could not state when a license may be given but stated only one can be granted.

Even the Switzerland-based Nord Stream 2 affirmed it was asked to submit an application for a different route.

It said in a declaration that requesting a third route alternative”can simply be regarded as a deliberate attempt to delay the project’s conclusion,” incorporating European consumers could lose up to”at least 20 million euros” a day.

It has come from the USA and a few European nations asserting it could improve the reliance of Europe on Russia.

Washington, which wants to sell its natural gas has threatened sanctions against companies.

Germany, Finland, Sweden and russia have already issued licenses.