Emily Bradson – [email protected]

Emily specializes in matters related to personal finance management as well small business. Her writing has featured in multiple, business, finance, sports, health and wellness and technology websites.

Michael Taylor – [email protected]

Michael is the sole founder of Michael & Sons, LLC that specializes in small business and finance matters. He has his writing appearing in major finance blogs including Investopedia, PrNews, Business wire, Business Insider, Benzinga, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance as well as Intuit Small Business Blog.

Austin De’Marion – [email protected]

Austin is originally from Ohio but grew up Columbus. His father was a renowned prolific writer and also a professor. His mother was business executive.

Austin has rare type of writing that matches with only a few in the industry. He has experience of about ten years but has already managed to impact millions of readers worldwide. He focuses on finance related topics especially personal finance management. Sometimes e shifts focus to health and wellness and technology news.

Kayla Brandon – [email protected]

Kayla was born to a family of writers staring from her father who was an author to one of the bestselling finance and inspiration books. Her mother was a publisher and editor to a major media house in the U.S. Her parents co-owned a online finance journal; Finance Brought To You.

Kayla writes about all topics related to finance and business with a major concentration on the trends of the stock market. She also writes about technology news, political news, health and wellness, sports as well as celebrity news.

She runs her own finance blog but she has also feature in major finance blogs including Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Business Wire and Investopedia.

Nicolas Jordan – [email protected]

Nicolas plays the role of publisher and editor of He also co-owns Finance Levo with his partner Nathan Cameron since the year 2014. They publish on matters finance and other relevant information online. Thy also include technology and political news in some editions one in a while.

Justin Noah – [email protected]

Justin is a financial analyst with experience of more than 15 years. He has witnessed severe money straights and learnt the skills of proper money management.

He has also published in several online finance blogs including Forbes and Investopedia.